Cnc machining

ANCL not stop investing, system of machinery of machinery, equipment, constantly improving and updating regularly to improve production capacity, meeting all requirements from customers.

100% CNC MACHINES, MACHINE TOOLS are imported from Japan such as: Moriseiki, Okuma, Hitachi ... Accuracy up to 0.001mm optimizing production efficiency, operating with fast speed, high productivity.

The company uses modern high-precision measuring instruments manufactured by Japanese Mitotoyo firms.

Ancl with a team of highly qualified staff, modern equipment, automatic production lines to meet the requirements of high volume, reliable accuracy, we will meet all your requirements. .




 3 axis CNC milling machine


 4 axis CNC milling machine


 5 axis CNC milling machine


 CNC lather


 Wire cut




 Roughness tester


  Hardness Testing Machines


 Profile measuring machine


 Coordinate measuring machine